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Session Citrix XenApp/Xendesktop 7.8

Les inscriptions pour la prochaine session de formation Citrix XenApp/Xendesktop 7.8 sont ouvertes!!!

La formation aura lieu du 30 mai au 3 juin 2016, et sera donnée par Marc-André Lapierre. Pour les inscriptions de plus de 2 personnes, contactez nous! Pour consulter le plan de cours détaillé, c’est ici.

La formation a lieu à Montréal, mais les inscriptions à distance sont également possibles.

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PVS 7.6 Capture Image fails with “Failed to initialize backup 0x80042302″

Earlier today I was working on capturing a PVS image in my lab and ran into an issue. Upon completing the PVS Image Wizard and rebooting to capture the image, the capturing process failed. The only way to see what happened was to look through the logs, typically found under C:\AppData\Citrix\PVS.

Within the log, I noticed the error:

Failed to initialize backup 0x80042302

Looking through the rest of the log, I could see that the snapshot also failed along with other snapshot related disk errors. This only made me suspicious in regards to the VSS services and their current operational status. Looking through the services console, I could see that the following two services were disabled:

  • Microsoft Software Shadow Service
  • Volume Shadow Copy

Once I’ve enabled and ensured that these services are set to automatic, I was able to successfully capture the image.