VMWare guest slow mouse cursor after Sysprep

I ran into this  issue while creating a Windows 2008 R2 template – after a Sysprep the mouse driver would revert to « PS/2 Mouse ».

It turns out that by default, sysprep will remove all PNP drivers during the Generalize phase, causing windows to re-discover drivers during the sysprep. The PNP scan gives a better ranking to the PS/2 drivers, and therefore selects them over the VMWare one…

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Citrix Profile Management – Windows 2003


Afin de simplifier la migration de Windows 2003 à Windows 2008 R2 ou simplement de se débarasser des profils itinérants, Citrix Profile Management peut être très pratique.

Avant l’installation de Citrix Profile Manager sur Windows 2003, Important d’installer les correctifs suivant:

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