The Citrix XenServer will focus on various aspects of management, including : implementation, configuration, optimization and troubleshooting. The student will work in a lab and will apply best practices whenever possible.


  • Understanding architecture concept relative to XenServer
  • Installing and implementing XenServer
  • Creating and managing Network
  • Configuring Storage
  • Managing Virtual Machines
  • Implementing Resource Pools
  • Implementing and managing Workload Balancing
  • Configuring High Availability
  • Managing and troubleshooting XenServer

Module 1. XenServer Architecture Overview
XenServer Components
XenCenter Overview
Resources Pools
XenServer Storage Overview
XenServer Networking Overview
Module 2. Installing and Configuring XenServer
XenServer Installation
XenServer Licensing
Managing XenServer Users
Configuring Active Directory Integration
Role-Based Access Control
Exercise 1 : Installing and Configuring XenCenter
Exercise 2 : Configuring Active Directory Integration
Module 3. XenServer Networking
XenServer Networking Overview
Network Components and Architecture
VLAN Support and Components
Initial Network Setup
NIC Bond
Exercise 1 : Managing Networks
Module 4. XenServer Storage Repositories
Storage Technologies
XenServer Storage Architecture
Storage Repository Architecture
Storage Capabilities (NFS, iSCSI, FC)
Storage Multipathing
Exercise 1 : Adding an ISO Library Storage Repository
Exercise 2 : Attaching Virtual Disk Storage Repository
Exercise 3 : Creating a New VM with an Existing Virtual Disk
Module 5. Creating and Managing Virtual Machines
Windows VM Architecture
Installation from an ISO
XenServer Tools
VM Templates
Operations with VM: Export, Import, Copy, Assigning Resources, etc.
XenServer Conversion Manager
Modifying VMs and Templates
VM Snapshots
Virtual Appliance Packages
XenConvert Overview
Dynamic Memory Control
Exercise 1 : Creating Virtual Machines
Exercise 2 : Installing XenServer Tools
Exercise 3 : Creating Templates
Exercise 4 : Creating a Windows VM from Template
Exercise 5 : Adding Additional Resources to a VM
Exercise 6 : Creating Snapshots
Module 6. Implementing Resource Pools
Resource Pools
Shared Configurations
XenMotion and Storage XenMotion
Live VDI Migration
Pool Member Failure
Exercise 1 : Creating a Resource Pool
Exercise 2 : Accessing the Resource Pool
Module 7. Distributed Virtual Switching
DVS Features
vSwitch Controller Virtual Appliance Deployment
Monitoring Network Activity
DVS Policy Configuration Hierarcy
Cross-Server Private Networks
Recovering from a Failed vSwitch Controller
Exercise 1 : Configuring the DVS
Exercise 2 : Creating and Testing a Cross-Server Private Network
Module 8. Configuring High Availability
HA Requirements
Restart Priorities
Disaster Recovery
Backup and Recovery of XenServer Hosts and VMs
Exercise 1 : Creating a vApp
Exercise 2 : Configuring High Availability
Module 9. Managing and Troubleshooting XenServer
Command-line Interface Overview
Monitoring XenServer
Events and Alerts
XenServer Performance Statistics
XenServer Logs and Reports
XenServer Updates and Hotfixes
Rolling Pool Update
Exercise 1 : Using a xe Command-line Interface
Exercise 2 : Self-Servicing XenServer
Exercise 3 : Working with Citrix Support