Netscaler Features Deactivated Upon Virtual Switch Migration

For those that work with Netscalers know that having the right license is crucial to successful implementation. The license is what allows us to use certain features of Netscaler. Licensing with Netscaler works on a modular approach, you pay for the features you need rather than paying for the whole product. This allows for customers to save a lot of money by buying only the features the need.

When provisioning the license file for Netscaler, I tend tie my license to the MAC address of the server, this applies to both Physical and Virtual appliances.

This weekend, I was in the process of migrating both my Netscaler appliances from Virtual Switches on vSphere 6 to Distributed Virtual Switches. The migration in itself is quite simple, you just run the virtual machine migration wizard and migrate the virtual appliance (Netscaler). However, after the migration, I realized that my Storefront SSL Virtual Server was down under Traffic Management – > Load Balancing. Right away, I figured that perhaps my MAC address changed after the migration to vSphere Distributed Switches and thus my license was no longer good, but then I realized, that I used the HOST ID to apply the license (these Netscalers are running in my lab), so it could not have been that.

The fix was simple, just re-enable the SSL feature and voila! Virtual Server was back online. I am not sure if this is a bug as both my Netscalers were affected (they’re not HA paired).


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